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What is Trade Guide Signal of Motilal Oswal:

Trade Guide Signal (TGS) is a premiun subscription tool exclusive for Motilal Oswal online trading account holders. Traders are loosing moneny because most of them are disorgnised and make instant trading decision influenced by hope, greed and fear. What seperated the profit makers is they are orgnised traders and have their own trading plan as per their trading style. Trade Guide signal of Motilal Oswal provides you rubust technology to design and execute your trading plan on a single platform.

Trading plan is a set of rules which clearly defines what, when & how trading is to be done. This plan, packed by robust technology can transform you into an organised and hence, more efficient trader. Trading guide signal of Motilal Oswal traders test enables identification of one’s trading style. It analyses a online traders personality on 7 factors and gives a complete snapshot of strengths and weaknesses.

Why an online trader needs trade guide signal of Motilal oswal (Buy sell Signal Software):

Onle Click and multible order execution:

This innovative functionality is high on efficiency and ease. When a signal is generated (Bur or sell signal) a prefilled batch order form opens automatically based on the setting done in the trading planner. All you have to do is click “send”. So, trading happens on autopilot based on intelligent algorithms.

Automatic entry signal generation:

Every stock has an unique volatillity range. When the price crocess the range and behaves abnormally in either direction, then the buy or sell signal generated with a calculated entry stoploss.

Trailing stoploss:

Entry stoploss is the maximum possible loss from the trade. Stoploss is revised when the price moves in the direction of your trade and it’s called trailing stoploss.

The entry stoploss % for each stock different based on its volatillity. Trade guide signal (Buy sell signal software) of Motilal Oswal gives you calculated realtime stoploss trailing for ech stock, after performing lakhs of complex calculations to understand its volatalillity.

Activate No trading Zone:

During sideways markets Trade Guide signal of Motilal Oswal (Buy sell signal Software) generates lesser number of online trading signals due to an inbuild “No Trading zone” strategy. Trade guise of Motilal Oswal generates signals only when there is strength in the trend.

Three winning strategies:

Trade Guide signal of Motilal oswal Buy sell signal software is build on three tenets.

  1. Positional Trading signal(Trading for few weeks)
  2. Swing Trading Signal (Trading for few days)
  3. Intraday Trading Signal ( Trading for few hours)

The positional trading signals are:

  1. Generated on all F&O stocks with a stop loss of 1.5% to 6%
  2. These trade signals are suitable for those who wish to position for a few weeks.
  3. Positional traders are interested in making profit from the primary trend rather than day to day fluctuations.
  4. Stop loss revision mechanism is slow to capture larger price momentum.

Swing trading signals are:

  1. Generated on all F&O stocks, 3 Indices, 4 currencies and 9 commodities with a stop loss of 1% to 5%
  2. These trading signals are suitale for those who wish to take position for few days.
  3. Swing traders are interested in short term trend and price momentum.
  4. Stop loss revision mechanism is to Ancash substantial gains from price momentum.

Intraday Trading signals are:

  1. Generated on all F&O stocks, 3 Indices, 4 currencies and 9 commodities with a stop loss of 0.05% to 1.5%
  2. The signals are generated after 30 min of markets open.
  3. No new signals are generated after 30 minutes of prior to market closing.
  4. Intraday trading signals are suitable for those who enter and exit the trade on the same day.

Understanding signal tracker:

  1. Entry Time
  2. Entry Price
  3. Stop loss
  4. Entry stop loss %
  5. Peak price
  6. Peak profit
  7. Risk and Reward %
  8. Status
  9. Action




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